Do You Want a Free Drink every time you go out?

One of our newest clients has offered to buy your first drink the next time you visit one of their partner venues if you join their private cocktail society. Hooch is a new members-only, subscription-based cocktail app that promises to buy its members one drink every day at one of their participating bars. With operations […]

Organic Tequila Dinners

We have been hosting Tequila Dinners with Real Gusto, featuring silver, reposado and aƱejo varieties. 100% agave, what makes Real Gusto unique is that it is the only tequila brand certified organic by Mexico and is one of only a few tequilas to be certified organic by the USDA. This means that no fertilizers, pesticides […]

Cheers to Our Very First Client

Santo Azul Tequila will always be special to Red Carpet Productions because they were one of the first brands that believed in us. It has been a pleasure to grow alongside this fine tequila, made from the finest 100% blue weber agave in the lowland fields of Tamaulipas, Mexico. Santo Azul Tequila is the celebration […]